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What our clients say?

"The hypnotherapy has been life changing, I am feeling in control of my eating at last!"

L from Leeds

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Click on the link below for a FREE 5 Minute Sophrology Breath Awareness Exercise, which is designed to bring body and mind into a more calm relaxed state.


Of course please don't listen to the recording whilst driving or operating machinery!

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I hope you enjoyed it.  Of course you can bring your attention to your breath, like this, at any time during the day, wherever you are.


If you would like a personalised

guided visualisation, perhaps

something you would like to

strengthen like your confidence

or to simply relax and enjoy

your most perfect day, see the

Guided Visualisation page or

please get in touch.


With best wishes,


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What our client's are saying

“After my hypnotherapy I felt pretty much the same as when I walked in an hour previous, except I had a determination not to pick up a cigarette again.  I’ve lost track of how long I haven’t had a cigarette for now.  I don’t feel like I have given up anything,  I feel like I have gained; more time, more life and more freedom!  I’d recommend this lady to anyone!  Thank you Carla!”

Gemma from Hartlepool

"I had ME/Chronic Fatigue and sophrology has played an integral part in my journey to recovery. After meeting Carla for the first time, it quickly became apparent how committed and passionate she is about sophrology, Carla has a naturally calming voice and immediately put me at ease.


I would not hestitate to recommend Carla and Sophrology."

Lisa from Leeds

"I am now in my third trimester of my, now healthy pregnancy, and have asked Carla to help me with some hypnotherapy and sophrology to help with the birth of my daughter. I have full faith that it will work wonders for me, like it did for my operation last year, and that I'll have a nice delivery! I can't thank Carla enough for all of her support over this last year to me.”

Danielle from Leeds

"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend sophrology, and particular In Harmony, to anyone who is concerned about overcoming and addressing challenges they face. That little voice we all have in our head can be your biggest foe or your biggest ally, I have no doubt that the time I spent with Carla ensured that for me, on the two days of the assessment center, it was the latter and not the former."  

David from Harrogate

"I can't thank Carla enough for the wonderful Reiki treatments she offered me during my successful second round of IVF. Following a difficult first round, I decided to take a more holistic approach and I gained strength and energy through my sessions with Carla and I strongly believe they contributed to the success of this round. I can't recommend the sessions enough and I look forward to continuing with Reiki throughout my pregnancy."

Aime from Hartlepool

"I have really enjoyed the course.  It has made me look at myself in a different way.  Sophrology will improve my life and wellbeing."

Danuta from Hartlepool


"Nice safe atmosphere.  Adaptable to every day life.  Easy to implement."

Michelle from Billingham


"I would not hesitate to recommend Carla for any anxiety related issues, and I am sure I will find these Sophrology techniques useful in other areas of my life in the future.  Many Thanks Carla"

Andrea from Leeds

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Drop In, Bliss Out

Weekly Guided Relaxation & Meditation Class

Starting Monday 14th May

at 5.30pm to 6.30pm

at the Centre Yoga & Wellbeing, Park Road, Hartlepool


Come along and enjoy a state of deep peace and harmony. Let go of the busy mind and re-connect with your center, the core of who you are.


Carla will guide you through a different relaxation and meditation each week to enable you to experience a state of peace, relaxation and joy. No previous meditation experience needed. Simply come along and enjoy! All welcome.


Cost £4.50. No need to book. For more information please contact Carla on 07528 876159 or email info@beinharmony.co.uk.

Yoga Nidra Workshop

Yoga Nidra otherwise known as

'Yogic Sleep' = Deep Relaxation


Sunday 3rd June

10.30am to 12.30pm

at the Centre Yoga & Wellbeing, Park Road, Hartlepool


Yoga nidra is a deeply relaxing guided meditation, similar to a body scan, that is practised laying down (savasana), and takes you into a state somewhere between wakefulness and sleep, where you can experince benefits such as stress reduction, increased self-awareness, deep rest and a greater feeling of general wellbeing.


You will learn the history of Yoga nidra and how it works on the mind-body complex, and our state of consciousness.




No previous experience of yoga nidra is necessary, just the capactity to lay down and enjoy deep relaxation! Please bring a cushion, blanket and an eye mask or a sock.


Cost £12.00. Concessions available. Refreshments provided. To book or for more information please contact Carla on 07528 876159 or email info@beinharmony.co.uk.

Coming Soon

Breath & Relax Mini Workshop - June - learn and practice a variety of breathing techniques to help you deeply relax, get a deeper night's sleep, increase energy and vitality and general wellbeing.


Self-Care Workshop for Women - July - exploring the principle of self-care, becoming aware of your needs, and taking home a series of practices, exercises, and tips on developing a self-care approach.

Be in harmony...be who you're meant to be