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What our clients say?

"The hypnotherapy has been life changing, I am feeling in control of my eating at last!"

L from Leeds

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What our client's are saying

"I am now in my third trimester of my, now healthy pregnancy, and have asked Carla to help me with some hypnotherapy and sophrology to help with the birth of my daughter. I have full faith that it will work wonders for me, like it did for my operation last year, and that I'll have a nice delivery! I can't thank Carla enough for all of her support over this last year to me.”

Danielle from Leeds

"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend sophrology, and particular In Harmony, to anyone who is concerned about overcoming and addressing challenges they face. That little voice we all have in our head can be your biggest foe or your biggest ally, I have no doubt that the time I spent with Carla ensured that for me, on the two days of the assessment center, it was the latter and not the former."  

David from Harrogate


"I would not hesitate to recommend Carla for any anxiety related issues, and I am sure I will find these Sophrology techniques useful in other areas of my life in the future.  Many Thanks Carla"

Andrea from Leeds

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Drop In, Bliss Out - A Weekly Relxation & Meditation Class

Monday 5.30pm to 6.30pm

at the Centre Yoga & Wellbeing, Park Road, Hartlepool


Come along and enjoy a state of deep peace and harmony. Let go of the busy mind and re-connect with your center, the core of who you are. No previous meditation experience required.

Find out more on the Classes, Courses and Workshop page

Introduction to Yoga Nidra Workshop

Sunday 8th July

10.30am to 1pm

at the Centre Yoga & Wellbeing, Park Road, Hartlepool


Yoga nidra is a deeply relaxing guided meditation, similar to a body scan, that is practised laying down (savasana), where you can experience benefits such as stress reduction, increased self-awareness, deep rest and a greater feeling of general wellbeing.

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be who you're meant to be

"I had been a smoker for over 30 years and on some days was smoking 60 a day. I had tried everything from patches to champix, but nothing worked. I rang Carla when I had to leave work and would not be able to afford to smoke. Carla immediately made me feel at ease. Not once through the session did I feel that I was not in control and it was all totally relaxing. I have not smoked a single cigarette since that day and feel a lot more healthier and happy. With the money I have saved I have plans to take my girls on a trip to Walt Disney World. I cannot thank Carla enough and would definitely recommend her."

Diane from Hartlepool

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Mindfulness Made Simple - A 6 Week Course for Beginners

Starting Tuesday 10th July at 6.50pm to 7.50pm  

at the Centre Yoga & Wellbeing, Park Road, Hartlepool

 The course will give you the basics of mindfulness practice so that you can start to implement mindfulness into your everyday life, and experience the benefits quickly, which include: better sleep, more energy, clarity and focus, increased feelings of happiness, contentment and peace.

No previous mindfulness experience required.

Find out more on the Classes, Courses and Workshop page

Mindful Relaxation - A 4 Week Mindfulness Course for Beginners

Starting Tuesday 17th July at 12 Noon to 12.30pm  

at the Central Library, York Road, Hartlepool

Give your mind a lunch hour reboot with this 4 week mindfulness course, focusing on mindful relaxation. Aimed at people who are short on time but would still like to reap the benefits of mindfulness.


To book and find out more information please contact Carla on 07528 876159 or email info@beinharmony.co.uk


'Nourish' - Self Care Workshop for Women

Sunday 22nd July

1pm to 4.30pm

at the Centre Yoga & Wellbeing, Park Road, Hartlepool


In this Women Only Workshop we will explore the principle of self- care, by understanding that caring for yourself is the best way to care for those around you and how you can start to become much more aware of your needs and what is important to you through this simple approach.

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