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Hello and welcome, I'm Carla Forth, a Sophrology Practitioner who is passionate about the self-empowerment and life-enhancing power of Sophrology.  Sophrology has helped me personally recover from a chronic condition and as a self-development tool has helped me to achieve my ideal life situation. Having shared this simple and yet profoundly transformational practice with hundreds of people in the last ten years, I have seen first-hand how it changes lives. 

I would love to help you wherever you are at, whether it's in a therapeutic capacity, to gently encourage you to achieve your intentions through coaching or to help facilitate a shift towards your highest potential and to you becoming a more empowered you.

I am also trained and certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Yoga & Meditation teacher, Laughter Yoga Leader and Teacher Trainer and Wellbeing Coach.  


Wellbeing Practices

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Sophrology is the science of consciousness in harmony and for me that means when all facets of our selves are aligned, congruent and are in harmony, and our inner life is experienced as flow. Sophrology was developed over 50 years ago by a Neuropsychiatrist called Dr Alfonso Caycedo as both a preventative approach to maintaining health and wellbeing and a therapeutic intervention to help with many issues that we suffer from today, including; anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, depression, insomnia, low energy, lack of confidence, low self esteem and many others. Sophrology is a gentle and yet very powerful technique and way of life. 

At the crossroads between Western relaxation techniques and Eastern yoga and meditation, it does not require complicated postures or large amounts of time each day. Sophrology is very easy and quick to learn and can be incorporated into everyday work and home life. At it's heart are three key principles; body awareness, positive action, and objective reality (non-judgment). Regularly practicing Sophrology can help you deal positively with life's events and whatever challenges you face, retain a sense of self, balance and intention in dealing with them. Sophroloy uses simple and gentle movements, relaxation, breathing and visualisation techniques to bring about a calm state of body and mind. It is a gentle transformational practice that can help a person meet their highest potential. 

Sophrology can help with not only therapeutic conditions, but also to prepare for future events like exams, interviews or pregnancy, and is mainly used for overall general wellbeing with some of the benefits being more energy, improved sleep, a calmer mind, a centered disposition and ability to manage emotions, improved focus, confidence and self-belief can develop. If you have a condition or an issue that is not mentioned here please do get in touch as Sophrology can help with many things. I have been qualified as a Sophrologist since 2011 and I have been practicing with private clients and organisations since then.

Mindfulness & Meditation 

Osho a great meditation master had said that "Deep within meditation is the sound of laughter" and it is true, meditation doesn't need to be serious or boring, it can be lighthearted, and this is indeed a great approach to bring to meditation. Mindfulness and meditation have been used for centuries to bring about inner calm and peace. Mindfulness is paying full attention to what you are doing without judgment. The 'without judgment' allows us to be more fully in the body, as we instinctively move from a place of knowing and flow. 

Pure meditation takes one form but in order to be comfortable with that, there are many different varieties that you can use to help prepare for pure meditation, such as witnessing the breath at various points on the body, using a mantra or sound, gazing at a yantra or image. The attitude in which we do meditation is very important so that we are in a neutral place, neither encouraging or suppressing thoughts, but simply allowing them to be there. There is no goal in meditation it is all about the experience of the practice, and then taking that experience out into our daily lives and helping it to strengthen our mindfulness practice. 

Benefits of regular meditation practice have now been scientifically proven to bring about increased brain function, improved mental health, clarity and focus, regulation of emotions and feelings of peace and contentment amongst others. I have had my own meditation practice for over 10 years and have been sharing the wonderful techniques of meditation for nearly as long.

If you are feeling stressed, tired, overwhelmed, low energy, then meditation may help you to not only feel calmer and more peaceful but to tap into your energy reserves. Meditation and mindfulness can be used to encourage the growth of self-empowerment and promote self-healing. My meditation and mindfulness sessions are suitable for beginners and those who are more experienced, where I will share with you different practices to help you un-wind, de-stress, regain a sense of calm, and to re-energise you, along with developing your awareness of yourself and your creativity. 

"No Meditation, No Life. Know Meditation, Know Life" Osho


Working With Me

One-to-One or Group

 Face-to-Face or Online

I work with individuals on a one-to-one basis both in person and online via Skype, FaceTime or other multi-media for Wellbeing Coaching, Sophro Coaching (Sophrology & Coaching together which is very powerful), and one-to-one sessions using Sophrology, Mindfulness & Meditation, Laughter Yoga and Kundalini Yoga.

I run regular weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly sessions along with retreats for groups and will be developing my group work online. Everything I do is conveyed just as well online as it is in person. 

I typically work between the hours of 10am and 7.30pm, Monday to Friday, and Saturday morning from 9am to 12.30pm. However, I am flexible in meeting my clients needs so if you require help outside of these times please do ask. Thank you.  

Please contact me on 07884 101164 or email info@beinharmony.co.uk.


Phone: 07884 101164

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"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony."

Mahatma Gandhi