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Organisational Wellbeing 

Your Company is Only As Healthy As Your Employees

I have worked for organisations where wellbeing mattered and organisations where it wasn't a priority. I could see the organisations where wellbeing wasn't a priority had faster turnover rates, sickness and absence levels, poor productivity, higher presenteeism, etc. 

There is so much more scientific evidence now linking the wellbeing of employees to improved productivity, creativity, teamwork, lower sickness levels, job satisfaction and lower turnover rates. Employees are usually a Company's biggest and most expensive asset, and as such need to be well looked after. 


The CIPD reported in May 2017 that stress is still on the rise with 38% of employees surveyed felt they were under excessive pressure at work, with the figure rising to 48% for those working in the public sector. Nearly a third of employees surveyed said they felt exhausted at the end of the day and this pattern is continuing. The World Health Organisation in May 2019 recognised 'Burn-out' which defines burn-out as a 'syndrome conceptualised as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed.' Having previously burnt out myself I understand this statement all too well and as such I am passionate about working with organisations to help to improve the health and wellbeing of their employees. 


I offer a number of different techniques that can all help reduce the effects of stress, improve resilience, increase focus, clarity, creativity, helping to relax, energise and empower individuals to be their best selves, including dynamic relaxation, active meditations and mindfulness from Sophrology, which are invaluable in helping to increase our wellbeing, along with laughter yoga and chair yoga.


I also offer bespoke stress management programs, wellbeing coaching, and workshops, courses, weekly classes, mini-retreats, lunchtime 'calm & re-energise' breaks and ice-breaker activities. Having nearly twenty years of Human Resources experience and being a Chartered Member of the Institute of Personnel & Development, I understand first hand the challenges that face organisations today.

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Focused on your Employee Wellbeing and Empowerment

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What's available

Stress Management, Wellbeing, Creativity and Communication Strategies

Bespoke stress management strategies, wellbeing solutions, team building, communication, and creative workshops, courses and mini-retreats developed to meet your organisational needs.

Sophrology, Meditation,  Mindfulness, Laughter Yoga & Chair Yoga

Five amazing practices to help improve employees wellbeing through the release of tension, promoting a calm mind, improving energy levels, developing confidence, focus, clarity, creativity, motivation and improving sleep. See below for further information on these techniques and click on the Learn More link below.

Wellbeing Coaching

Wellbeing coaching offered for individual employees and groups to help increase insight and knowledge, and implement wellbeing goals to improve overall health and happiness.

Wellbeing Practices For Your Organisation

Sophrology, Mindfulness & Meditation, Laughter Yoga and Chair Yoga



Sophrology is an ideal solution for the workplace, helping to improve the wellbeing of employees by reducing tension, building resilience and confidence, improving energy levels, focus, creativity, communication, and productivity, helping to create a relaxed body and a calm and alert mind, amongst many other benefits. It is perfect for groups and can be practiced together with coaching on an individual level. It can be delivered as a workshop, course, ice-breaker, or weekly lunch time break session and can be delivered in as little time as 15 minutes. Sophrology is very popular in organisations in France, Spain, Belgium, and Switzerland and is used in business, education, the arts, sports, and healthcare. Organisations in France that regularly use Sophrology can reduce their healthcare insurance by up to 30%.

Mindfulness & Meditation


Benefits of regular meditation practice have now been scientifically proven to bring about increased brain function, improved mental health, clarity and focus, regulation of emotions and feelings of peace and contentment amongst others. I love to share these amazing meditation practices in organisations as wellbeing in the workplace is becoming more and more necessary. Wellbeing initiatives can no longer be just a 'tick box' exercise, it must be high on any organisations agenda and both meditation and mindfulness are proving to be a cornerstone for any good wellbeing strategy. 

Laughter Yoga

Laughter is a great de-stressor, mood enhancer, and is also a great equaliser - when we laugh together we bond and so laughter yoga is a great way to help create harmony within teams and improve teamwork and co-operation. When we combine laughter, with deep breathing, playfulness and relaxation, magic seems to happen. I have seen many people transform during the course of one laughter yoga class, all the tension they walked in the room with suddenly gone. If you are really serious about introducing effective stress management tools for your organisation then I would invite you to explore laughter yoga as one of them.  Arrange a free consultation today to see how popular Laughter Yoga is becoming within organisations. 

Chair Yoga 

Chair yoga is just like regular yoga, although we do many of the poses in a seated position, and some of them as standing poses, using the chair for balance and support. We do not do the yoga poses on the floor, all exercises are done either seated or standing. Just like having a regular yoga practice, the benefits of chair yoga are very similar; increased flexibility, circulation, balance and strength, correcting posture, eliciting the relaxation response, stimulating the lymphatic system, detoxifying and cleansing the cells of the body as the intake of oxygen is increased. Chair yoga is an ideal wellbeing practice for employees as it can bring a lot of ease and relaxation into the body quickly, as well as helping to re-energise, and bring more focus and clarity to the mind, even without leaving the desk! Chair yoga requires very little resources, just a bit of time, and once learned the techniques can be practiced by employees any time.


Beneficial Outcomes of Adopting a Wellbeing Strategy


Organisational Benefits 

The benefits of implementing a Wellbeing Strategy and Wellbeing Practices are varied.

The reasons for creating a wellbeing strategy will vary between organisations, but as we are now faced with living and working through this exceptional time with the Coronavirus pandemic, it has become essential. The CIPD reported recently that less than half of organisations have a wellbeing strategy in place. 

For most organisations the compelling factor to implement a wellbeing strategy is the likely increase in the bottom line, competitive advantage, increasing efficiency, and maximising  effectivesness. However, more than ever there is a moral aspect to helping to improve employee wellbeing.

Whatever the reason, there is no doubt from the data and statistics, that a sound wellbeing strategy and practices, aligned with company values and culture, can benefit the health of the overall organisation. 

Image by Amy Hirschi

Taken from Robertson, I.T., & Flint-Taylor, J. (2009). Leadership, psychological well-being and organisational outcomes.
In Cartwright, S. and Cooper, C. L. (Eds), Oxford Handbook on Organisational Well-being, Oxford, Oxford University Press.

6 Essentials

  • Resources & communication

  • Control 

  • Balanced workload

  • Job security & change

  • Work relationships

  • Job conditions

            all lead to the following outcomes​

Pyschological Wellbeing

  • Sense of purpose 

  • Positive emotions

Individual Outcomes

  • Productivity & satisfaction

  • Morale & motivation

  • Employee engagement

  • Commitment

  • Health

Organisational Outcomes

  • Productivity & performance

  • Attendance (sickness absence)

  • Retention (turnover)

  • Attractiveness to recruits

  • Customer/user satisfaction 


“Thirteen initially started working with Carla from In Harmony when some colleagues attended a mindfulness open course she was running in Hartlepool the Summer of 2018.  Feedback was really good and as we were looking for different ways to help support and improve our colleague's mental health we asked Carla to deliver two introduction to mindfulness sessions using Sophrology across our business.
Carla was great to work with, very professional and as someone with experience in the HR field, I really felt that she understood what we were trying to achieve as a business.  The feedback from the sessions she delivered was excellent with colleagues reporting that they felt much calmer, in control and had learned techniques which they could take forward into their lives. Carla has since delivered some Sophrology, Laughter Yoga and Wellbeing Coaching sessions for our Mental Health Advocates and Service Directors and Laughter Yoga sessions for World Mental Health Day 2019.
I have no hesitation in recommending others to work with Carla, you won’t regret it.”

Liz Thompson, Senior HR Business Partner for Thirteen


About Carla

I have worked in Human Resources for a number of blue-chip organisations for nearly twenty years, working predominantly in the field of Reward & Recognition and Employee Engagement,  and I have been a Chartered Member of the CIPD (Chartered Insitute of Personnel & Development) for nearly as long. 

I have first-hand experience of burn out and know personally the cost that it had on my own health, but also the cost to my team, and the organisation as a whole. Burn out is now considered a medical condition by the World Health Organisation and cases of burn out are increasing. It is my passion to help organisations implement a dedicated, aligned and sustainable wellbeing strategy and to provide practical, and easy to use, wellbeing techniques and practices.

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