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Wellbeing Coaching 

Wellbeing Coaching is all about helping you to achieve your highest wellbeing potential, to be aware of what makes you happy, and what brings you joy. There is a distinction between happiness and joyfulness that is important to note; happiness relies on external events, people or situations that may please you in some way when you have received whatever it was that you thought would make you happy. It is short-lived and means we are often in a 'future' state of mind; joyfulness, however, does not rely on anything outside yourself, it is intrinsic to being yourself and naturally starts to bubble up within you when you are relaxed, when you are being your true self and when you are living in the present moment, moment to moment, allowing your life to unfold just as it is. 

So whether you would like to improve your diet, lose weight, increase your levels of exercise, improve your sleep, find a new job, discover your life purpose, find a new home - whatever effects your wellbeing, as wellbeing can mean something different to all of us, Wellbeing Coaching could help you achieve that. Along with the usual wellbeing foundations such as nutrition, sleep, exercise, rest and relaxation, wellbeing can be many things, for example, expressing your creativity, using your gifts and talents, finding your life purpose, living in an nurturing environment and when we achieve a greater state of wellbeing, we naturally feel more joyful. 

The great benefit of coaching is that you are likely to see positive results quickly. This is because coaching is a participatory approach, in that you have all the answers in order to create the transformation you desire and are committed to making the changes you need to make in order to

reach your intention. The coach helps you to reach your intentions, by asking questions and using coaching tools and techniques, reflecting back to you for clarification on what you are saying, helps to prepare action steps, acts as your accountability partner and is there to help motivate and celebrate with you.

With the wellbeing coaching process, you will find that you have a greater awareness of your wellbeing needs and your desires as to what helps to make you feel happy. You develop a greater sense of self-awareness, increase your confidence and resilience, improve your ability to learn and the creativity needed to find solutions, as well as meeting your wellbeing intentions.

I use the word 'intentions' rather than 'goals' deliberately, as 'goals' often brings us into a state of 'striving' which can often bring more tension to the body and disturbance to the mind. The word 'goal' is very future-orientated and our wellbeing can only happen in the now. So we set intentions, gently setting our 'sat nav' or our 'compass' as it were, to help orientate us in the right direction, without creating additional stress for ourselves. For more information about how I work please see the About page and Working With Me. 


Sophro Coaching 

Sophrology is a gentle mind-body-spirit practice that allows you to move deeper into your body, whilst transforming your consciousness. It was created over 50 years ago as a wellbeing and a transformational practice and philosophy. It incorporates simple active relaxation exercises, mindfulness, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques and visualisation, all done in a systematic way to explore the body and consciousness and increase awareness of yourself and the world around you.

Coaching bridges the gap between where you are currently and where you would like to be. The coaching process is supportive and encouraging, enabling you to meet your intentions. The process is one of self-discovery where you uncover your own answers to help you to meet your own potential.

Sophro Coaching is very powerful as it combines both Sophrology and Coaching.  The Sophro Coaching process allows you to truly understand what is important to you and then establishing the steps in order for you to move forward without missing the present moment where your life, your wellbeing, your joy all happens.

Using Sophrology can help you to re-discover your strengths and capacities, and to uncover your gifts and talents,  and the coaching helps you to use and transform them to achieve your intentions. Both the tools and techniques you will learn within Sophrology and the Coaching approach can be transferred to all areas of your life, leading to increased confidence and resilience. 

"Carla's experience as a wellbeing coach and mentor is apparent from the outset. Her wealth of experience in the field and her calm and engaged manner helped me build trust from the start. Carla was extremely flexible in the techniques she deployed to help me define and reach my goals. I didn't want to read around the techniques between sessions as that would have felt like an additional burden. Carla respected my wishes and gave me a simple framework to follow.

I felt so supported by Carla. She encouraged me to report into her weekly and that helped me maintain my sense of commitment to myself and Carla as my coach and wellbeing mentor.

Carla's ability to use a variety of techniques from coaching to Sophrology to deep relaxation and visualisation was fantastic and really effective" Rhiannon from Yorkshire


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"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony."

Mahatma Gandhi