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About Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is often called 'the yoga of awareness' as it develops our ability to be mindful and expands our consciousness, and therefore our life. It is a total workout for mind, body and spirit and provides us with the energy and power that we need to drive our life forwards. 

Like all yoga, Kundalini Yoga has the same goal, to establish unity between breath and movement, body and spirit and between you as an individual and the wider universe. A kundalini yoga session can leave you feeling full of energy, stronger and more resilient, and ready to take on what the day may bring. 

Kundalini yoga works by freeing the flow of energy throughout the whole body and does so with a combination of movement (the asanas), chanting mantras (sounds), breathwork, mudras (hand positions) and focusing the eyes in a particular way, called drishti. During a class we release a lot of tension and stress and this makes way for a more relaxed and calmer life but one full of vitality and zest.


Benefits you may expect after regular practice include a toned and flexible body, strengthening of the major systems of the body; immune, nervous, glandular, digestive, lymphatic, cardiovascular systems, the ability to quieten the mind, having a sense of inner peace, along with renewed vitality.

The classes I offer are Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, a Kundalini Yoga Master who is responsible for bringing the gift of Kundalini Yoga to the West in 1969. Until then it was kept a secret in India, only taught to dedicated spiritual aspirants and royalty. 

  • It is best to not eat a heavy meal one to two hours before class.

  • Bring some water, a blanket to cover yourself during the relaxation as the body cools down quickly, an eye mask or sock to cover your eyes for the relaxation, a cushion if you need to elevate your hips whilst sitting, and you will need a yoga mat for an online class or if you have carpet at home then that would be fine. Centre Yoga & Wellbeing in Hartlepool where the in person classes run have yoga mats, along with blocks but feel free to bring your own. 

  • Wear loose comfortable clothes, they can be yoga or sports clothes. You will see many Kundalini Yogi's wearing white, white holds all the colours of the spectrum, it is associated with purity, it has a high vibration, and can help to uplift us.  

  • Please let me know before the class begins if you have any medical condition or injury that I would need to be aware of. 

  • If you have any physical ailments or medical conditions please consult your GP or Primary Carer contact to discuss the suitability of this type of yoga before starting. 

After Yoga
A Kundalini Yoga class
Kundalini Yoga Class
Kundalini Yoga Studio Meditation
Kundalini Yoga Lotus
Kundalini Namaste
Kundalini Yoga Breathing
Kundalini Yoga Pose
  • A typical Kundalini Yoga class is an hour and a half long and usually includes a meditation and a relaxation at the end.

  • The classes I run are suitable for all levels and instructions will be given for each exercise to offer different levels, where possible. However please remember you are responsible for how much effort you put in and how far you push yourself, only you know your body best. Like anything progress is made gradually. Trust in the process, enjoy it and the more you do it, the more progress you will make. 

  • Adjustments to postures are made vocally i.e. the teacher will not come around and physically adjust your posture, instead the teacher will instruct using the voice only. This helps the practitioner to go even deeper into his/her own experience as the sense of listening is used more predominantly once the exercise is mastered. 

  • Some of the exercises that we do in Kundalini Yoga can be strange at first, when we approach our practice with an open mind, it can help us to really let go into the exercise and be fully present to get the most out of it and start to feel the benefits. 

  • We do a lot of breathwork, one of the breath techniques is called 'Breath of Fire' and is a great energising breath. However if you are a woman and have your menstrual cycle then you may not want to do this breath technique, and I would recommend you do long deep breathing for the duration of a particular exercise that uses Breath of Fire. I will remind you during class. 

"That was such a powerful class. I feel both deeply energised and relaxed - amazing really - I now feel ready for the next few days and weeks to come." Julie
  • Most importantly is giving yourself the full time to really be present with yourself during the class, turning off your mobile phone or putting it on silent or aeroplane mode so as not to disturb you or the other class participants. 

  • Remember to go at your own pace, like all yoga, it is not a competition and is actually a technique to help us tune into where we are at at any moment and what we may need. 

  • Don't push yourself, if you feel any sharp pain or physical discomfort then please stop. It is not supposed to hurt. 

  • Let yourself have fun!


At a Kundalini Yoga class we mentally prepare by tuning in using a mantra, sacred words that connect us with our own inner wisdom and that of all the teachers and wise people who have gone before us. We also end the class by tuning out with a sacred mantra, to close the space and remind ourselves of our true essence. Here are the mantras we use: 

At the start of class - 'Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo' - I bow to the divine wisdom within, the divine teacher within.

At the end of class - 'Sat Nam' - Truth is my identity, truth is my name
After the class
  1. Drink plenty of water after class if you can to help the detoxification process which happens not only on the physical, but mental and emotional too with Kundalini Yoga. 

  2. Giving yourself time after class to integrate any changes or shifts that you have experienced. We will always ground at the end of class but making sure you do more of that if you need to.

  3. If you wish take time to reflect on what you experienced by writing in a journal. 

  4. Be aware during the days following a class of any shifts or changes in your awareness. 

  5. Be kind and gentle to yourself, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation is a very powerful practice. 

  6. I offer 1-1 sessions to work on something specific, Kundalini Yoga can be used in a therapeutic way for healing. If you think this could be something you would like to explore please get in touch. All sessions are held at Centre Yoga & Wellbeing in Hartlepool. 

Studying at Home

We practice on our mat, developing and strengthening our capacities, so that we can meet our life with joy!

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