Welcome to in Harmony

Updated: Jun 4

Welcome to in Harmony

As I continue my own journey of self-discovery, it is my hope that this website will become a resource of tools, a source of inspiration, a signpost to some awesome life-changing events and techniques, a place to rest and repose, to sow the seeds of change, to be a small part perhaps of your own transformation, and to offer myself and the tools I use to help you along the way.

My intention is to write regular posts which will focus on the journey to becoming our most authentic self, our essence, which is the foundation in which we can live a wonderful and fulfilling life, to writing about health and wellbeing, without which, life can seem a struggle, and anything else that moves me. I have a number of categories to which I save my blogs to help you find what you are looking for a little easier. The categories are:

  • Wellbeing

  • Food & Freedom

  • Eating Disorders

  • Stress, Burn Out and Chronic Illness

  • Authenticity - Being Me

  • Meditation - Spirituality - Life

  • Organisations

The blogs will hopefully help to inspire, provoke, challenge, and to help shift your perception of yourself and your world, and my aim will be to keep them as short as possible, to honour your time. And this is where you come in; I would love to hear from you as to what you really think about what I share. Without you reading what I write about, any seeds of change from my writings may fall by the wayside. So please comment, discuss, and share. Thank you.

Always with much love and deep gratitude,


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