Do you know your core values?

Values are a part of us, they highlight what we stand for and can represent our key drivers that help to navigate our life, help us make better decisions and link us to our passion. Values can change over the course of our life and it is a good idea to reflect on your values at least with each stage of your life, if not more regularly, perhaps even every year. Sometimes we can find that we enter a stage of life, like getting married, or we have a particular situation, like illness, where looking at our values can really help to navigate us forward. For me illness brought about the recognition that my core values had changed, and was one of the reasons why the illness came in the first place, because I wasn't living my values.

We use values a lot within the framework of Sophrology to help people really connect with what is important to them, and it is also used a lot within Coaching. As both a Sophrologist and Wellbeing Coach, I help people to discover what they want to focus on, and then to embody that, bringing to life within their everyday thought, feeling and behaviour. So they can feel as though they are living their life congruently and aligned.

I’ve noticed that when we live like this we can experience a greater level of fulfillment, contentment and happiness. Knowing what your personal values are helps to change your behaviour, for example if health & vitality is one of your core values then you are more likely to make better choices around food, or take more exercise. I believe when we don't honour our values we can suffer, we can more easily get into bad habits, be more easily swayed by other people's opinions, we can even loose touch with who we are, I know this from my own experience.

If you are wondering what your values are and want a little help to discover them, there are plenty of lists of values on the internet. Although for me it is the process of organically discovering or recovering them, of allowing them to surface naturally that is the best way. One person who I would recommend is Scott Jeffrey, in his 7 Steps to Discovering Your Personal Core Values he gives some great advice and a process to work through and discover what your core values are:

I hope you have enjoyed this short blog on values. Let me know how you find Scott's process, I would love to know - I am also using it to review my core values again.

Here's to what we value.

With warm wishes,


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