Don’t wait for tomorrow, be happy today

Updated: Sep 28

I am certainly not into using too many platitudes or being overly positive if we are truly faced with something negative at best and life threatening at worst, but I believe we can bring a sense of positivity or happiness into the everyday mundane. This is often easier when we connect into the quality of gratitude, seeing what we already have and deciding to be happy with that, and most often with a big dollop of mindfulness.

For me personally this has been a decision to be happy with where I live, being happy right now, right here where I am located. For 2 years I suffered at the hands of my own mind wondering where to finally put down my roots and build a life. I kept putting off being happy as I was wanting the perfect place for me to live. One day I woke up and realised I had to live and build a life where I was. It didn't matter if I got the call to move somewhere else in the future, but that I needed to accept and commit to myself and accept and commit to the place where I was. When we commit to what we have accepted, it can create an even greater power and positivity in which to make changes and create a state of happiness.

We may not get to choose what happens to us but we do get to choose our reaction to it. Our mind is a powerful device and we can choose to use it in way that serves us rather than makes us suffer. This is something I have discovered the hard way, as with a lot of my learnings in life, they have come from making mistakes. There is no judgment there, it is after all how a lot of us learn.

We can also change our state very quickly if we choose, try curling up the outer edges of your mouth and smile, you will probably feel an instant lift in your mood. It is very difficult to feel down and smile, they are simply at odds with each other. We can also change our breathing to help change our state, by breathing slower and deeper we can start to slow the mind down and bring a sense of calm. I believe we have the same functionality within the mind, to simply decide to be happier. This can take some time and a lot will depend on our starting point as to have far we shift, however even a small shift can be significant, to feeling just that little bit brighter. Knowing what brings you joy and happiness can also help, and to trying to access more of that in your life. I would love a dog although it isn't quite the perfect time to have one just yet, however I take great joy in seeing dogs on my walks everyday. What brings you joy?

Wishing you happiness and joy.


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