Hungry Ghosts - meeting the hidden parts of us

Updated: Sep 28

As we travel together on the Food & Freedom Journey, we begin to meet parts of us that have been hidden away; whether it be the inner child, the parent/caretaker, the anorexic, the hero - all the archetypes if you like, or the latent potential capacities that we have within us, to be fully whole with the capacity to meet our true and highest potential. As we meet these parts and start to integrate them we begin to feel as though we are approaching wholeness again, it can feel a bit like a re-birth and we feel the joy, relaxation and deep contentment that comes with that.

As these parts are hidden from our conscious awareness, we may only be aware of the effects they exert on us, like hungry ghosts turning up wanting to be fed, which for people like myself, often meant I would use food to feed them rather than give them what they truly wanted - all of course done unconsciously.

There are a number of ways to begin to meet the hidden parts of yourself; it can come through automatically with an illness as it did for me, and through reading books, psychotherapy is also another way, and although it did help me, it also wasn't totally right for me. For me already being in my head far too much I knew the way was through the body, that my body would not lie, and would bring forward what I needed to see, feel, and integrate at the right time. So I used several body methods including Kundalini Yoga and Sophrology, I felt like these were the most natural choice for me, and I also got help from a very experienced Totality Practitioner. For some people a combination of psychotherapy and sophrology can work really well together. Philip Carr-Gomm is both a Psychotherapist and a Sophrologist and you can find out more about his work at and in his Sophrology book 'Empower Your Life With Sophrology,' available on Amazon or at good book retailors.

Sophrology is a gentle, and yet, a very powerful way, to begin the journey back to living in the body and not just in the head. We begin to move our consciousness slowly back to reside deeply in the body, we re-connect with ourselves on a deep cellular and energetic level, uncovering aspects of us that have been hidden. It is a wonderful method as you are able to use Sophrology on your own, take your time, along with being supported through the process. For myself, already being a Sophrology practitioner, there was much I could do myself, but I also got some help with a Sophrologist who specialised in eating disorders and I still see her now in a Supervisory capacity to help me help my clients.

Here's to being whole, I will meet you there.

With warm wishes,


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