Is food still fulfilling a function for you other than hunger?

Updated: Jun 4

It seems strange to say we eat for so many reasons other than being hungry, but it is true, for many of us. Why would we eat unless we were hungry? For most, it is to fill an emotional need, for some it is a habit, an association with a situation like chocolate at Easter, Christmas, or Valentines Day and more often than not, the supermarkets focus on filling our desire way before the event, so we begin to eat sweet mince pies in November, and hot cross buns weeks before Easter. However, it is the emotional need I wanted to write about today.

For me food filled every possible emotional need; if I was happy I would eat, if I was sad, if I deserved a reward or a consolation for messing up, I would eat to celebrate, to cover up my anger, boredom or frustration, I would eat to be liked, to fit in – not being able to say no … ultimately though it was to fill the enormous hole inside me, I didn’t know it but I couldn’t bear to feel the emptiness. I wasn’t even aware of this hole as I successfully managed to cover it up from early childhood until mid-life when illness struck, and then the hole appeared gradually as all the repressed emotion started to be released. The intense pain of Fibromyalgia that I felt all over my body was the repressed emotion, all the pain gradually went as the emotion came out.

As I have found working with others, food can represent so many things for us and freedom with food isn’t about ignoring those needs but about exploring them if they have started to encroach on you being able to live a full life with health, wellbeing and vitality, if the disordered eating has started to have a negative effect on how we feel and the way we live, as it had for me. It is about discovering the hidden parts of you that may have been buried, uncovering any trauma you may have experienced consciously or unknowingly, it is about being able to feel all your emotions however uncomfortable, being able to say no, to honouring yourself as you are, to know that you are enough and to eventually return to self-love – the hole is the love. If you feel called to do this exploration and need some help, then please have a look at the Food & Freedom Journey Pathways. I believe it can be the most rewarding and liberating thing you could do for yourself.

Wishing you fulfillment on your journey to being you.

With warm wishes,


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