Lockdown or Retreat - You choose

The way we look at things inevitably affects the way we feel, and we do have a choice at how we look at things, and therefore how we feel. Our perception of something could be completely different from someone else’s, we could be experiencing exactly the same thing, but one person may enjoy the experience and the other person not so. This has much to do with our conditioning and the effect of that conditioning on how we see the world and what reality we create for ourselves. However, all that said, we still have a choice. If our conditioning is no longer serving us, the way we look at things, such as the glass half empty situation, then we can choose to look at it from the opposite point of view – flip it on its head.

So when I first heard the Government were introducing ‘Lockdown’ measures I decided to reframe it and call it a ‘Retreat’ – a time where I could start to slow down more, go within, reset my energy levels, look at projects I had been procrastinating over, and in truth, begin to loosen my grip on life. I feel it is the ‘control’ that we foster in our lives, whether it is internal within our self-talk or external in trying to control situations and other people, that causes us the most suffering, and suffering, the type that we inflict upon ourselves is typically secondary, and therefore unnecessary, as this suffering comes from how we look at things. Obviously we can clearly see much pain in the world at this current crisis, which is shared by all, but how we respond to this situation, is down to us. We can see it through the filter of fear or love.

So how are you feeling? How are you looking at things, this lockdown, and your situation? Have you noticed any changes in the way you look at things? I have noticed quite a profound difference in how much I used to take things from granted and how now, I have an immense feeling of gratitude for what I do have and I must say the feeling of gratitude, helps to soften the need to control, which in turn helps me to relax more and more. I have noticed a lot more but want to keep these blogs as short as possible. Please do share, if you wish, the answers to the questions or any other comments you have, and of course please feel free to share this blog.

Wishing you well,


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