Meditation the Rolls Royce of Rest

Updated: Sep 28

Meditation has been around for thousands of years and it’s not surprising, it can really help our wellbeing. Jillian Lavender, in her book ‘Why Meditate? Because it Works’ describes meditation as the Rolls Royce of Rest as within a short space of time meditation can help to calm our nervous system so that it goes into the ‘relax, rest and restore mode’ quicker than sleep can.

Meditation is easy, it is for everyone and you are never too young or old to start to feel the benefits. There are a few myths around meditation that I would like to dispel:

1. I can’t stop my thoughts – the mind’s function is to think, just like the heart’s function is to pump blood around the body, we can’t avoid thoughts and the aim of meditation isn’t to stop thinking, but to allow the thoughts to be there as we usually focus our attention on something else.

2. It is too difficult – this is usually based on the above belief that we need to stop the thoughts, when we know that thoughts and thinking will be there, we can begin to relax and enjoy the experience. There are so many ways to meditate which are perhaps more suitable for a beginner such as using a mantra, a word, or sound if you like to focus the attention on, or using a technique such as Sophrology which is explain below.

3. I’m too old/too young – the benefits of meditation can be seen very quickly and like the old saying goes, it really is never too late to learn something new, and it’s certainly a great practice to start when you are young to help you through your life.

4. You need to sit cross legged – meditation can be done anywhere and in any position. We often see images of people meditating sitting cross legged but for the majority of people sitting in a chair to meditate is much more comfortable and it is comfort that is the key to being able to sit for longer and being able to move into a deeper state of meditation.

5. You need lots of time – again this is another myth, neuroscience tells us that even after only a brief time meditating certain areas of the brain are affected in a positive way. Personally, I love Sophrology as a way of meditating as it is quick to help shift us into an ‘Alpha’ brain wave state, a meditative state.

Sophrology is an easy to learn meditation method, that allows the person to feel the benefits very quickly and its techniques can be used in other areas of your life to help tackle the effects of stress, to help you sleep, increase your levels of resilience, improve your confidence, and empower you to be the best you can be.

If you would like to know more about Sophrology then please take a look at the Sophrology pages on this website.

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