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Updated: Sep 28

Although I am trained as a Yoga & Meditation Teacher and have had my own practice for many years, I found the simplicity of Sophrology to create a quick meditative space, really appealing. I remember first reading about Sophrology in a Health magazine over ten years ago and was fascinated by what I read, so much so that I looked into the author of the article and rang her up. Her name is Florence Parot, the founder of the Sophrology Academy, the only Sophrology school here in the UK.

We spoke at length and then before I knew it, I had signed up to study Sophrology with the Academy and went on to gain my Practitioner Diploma. Two years later I wrote a letter to the same health magazine about my change in career following their article, I remember winning the star letter and getting a big box of goodies - a lovely memory.

From the hundreds of people I have worked with using Sophrology over the last ten years, I still get surprised at how quickly and intensely they have a positive felt experience by what they say when they first try Sophrology. 'I hadn't relaxed so much in years,' 'I didn't think I would be able to quieten my mind,' 'I feel so relaxed and yet so energised at the same time,' 'I was surprised at being able to watch my thoughts more easily and not get entangled'

'I feel like a weight has been lifted,' and so many other comments like these.

The overall feeling of practising Sophrology regularly is a relaxed body, a calmer mind and a greater feeling of vitality. These are similar qualities to what we get from more traditional forms of meditation, possibly without a greater feeling of vitality with some techniques.

For Vicky who received some Sophrology sessions when she was recovering from Post Viral Fatigue made a big difference to how she felt. Here is what Vicky had to say:

"Sophrology proved to be of immeasurable value in assisting my recovery from Post Viral Fatigue. I found traditional meditation impossible. I now use Sophrology to relax, meditate and visualise daily. I feel stress free, focused, more confident, a better communicator and I enjoy life more." Vicky from Leeds

Many of my clients had attested to not being able to meditate, so it has always been so rewarding to see how they can gain all the same benefits but in a way more suited to them. To learn more about Sophrology and how you could benefit check out the Sophrology and Benefits of Sophrology pages. For further information about Sophrology visit or take a look at Florence's book; The Sophrology Method published by GAIA and available on Amazon.

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