The first step is awareness

Whatever we are wanting to do, change, develop, transform, the first step is awareness. Whether we are trying to heal, to change lifetime habits, to develop more authenticity or to reach a goal, we need awareness to understand our starting point. If we can meet ourselves fully where we are at, we can start to find a way through, to become aware of all the tools, people, situations and opportunities we have at our disposal to help us evolve.

When we begin to develop our awareness it brings the freedom of choice, the opportunity to choose differently. We have the ability to witness more fully what we are doing to ourselves, perhaps repeating behaviours that may be damaging. If we can also develop compassion with awareness, this can be a powerful duo as an agent for change and transformation.

So what is awareness? Awareness is our capacity to witness, notice, observe, silently, inside ourselves and to bring that outside ourselves into our life. This awareness is from pure consciousness and is really who we are. When we begin to develop our awareness, past and future no longer have a dictating effect, and we can begin to move out of whatever archetype or mode we have been stuck in, whether it be victimhood, martyrdom and the like, and there corresponding behavioural traits. With this new awareness we can consciously create the reality we wish to live, and we can do it step by step, little by little.

However for some of us, particularly those who have suffered trauma, even with awareness, we may still keep certain habits in place as a safety strategy, and this can be important to keep in place to some degree (unless it is a threat to our life) until we have started our healing journey, and the mind begins the process of healing, it can take a couple of years for an addictive brain to heal and for some people they may need to keep off the addictive substance for a lifetime, particularly with drugs and alcohol. When we are ready we can let go of them, when the time was right. This was true of my own healing journey. More about this in another blog recovering from trauma.

There are many ways we can develop our awareness, mindfulness is a good starting point and doing it out in nature can really help to develop our sense of presence as we become more aware of what surrounds us. And if you can't get out into nature bring nature to you; perhaps looking at photo's of animals, birds, flowers to help develop your attention and awareness. The transference of the qualities of whatever you are engaged with will help you to become even more aware.

Other things you can do are using a day to day activities, such as washing the pots, brushing your teeth or taking a shower and practising mindfulness as you are doing the activity. Or try really being present with the person you are with or perhaps speaking to on the phone, letting go of the need to interject, interrupt, thinking about what you are going to say in response and instead be total with your presence, with your listening, you may even experience a deep peace or joy when you do this. In my opinion it is possibly one of the kindest gifts we can give, the gift of total presence.

You can also try other dynamic practices that develop awareness such as meditation, sophrology, laughter yoga, kundalini yoga, 5 rhythms dancing, tai chi or doing a sport you like, they can all help to develop awareness. You can find more information about Sophrology on this website.

With warm wishes to you,


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