The Power of Acceptance

Updated: Sep 28

I have been learning the power of acceptance for many years and slowly the message is sinking in to my psyche. When we let go of trying to control everything, a relaxation starts to happen within the mind-body, and we can begin to feel a deep peace, serenity and joy in its place as we start to flow with life instead of fighting it. Often people who are about to have a car crash can report having total relaxation come over the body as they let go of control and accept what is going to happen, which can all happen in milli-seconds.

I have just come back from running the ‘Being Me’ retreat and it was probably one of the best retreats I have had, not because everything went right, rather the opposite. Some of the things I had organised at the retreat centre where I run the retreats had been changed and I hadn't been told, which had a bit of an impact on the programme I wanted to run. Rather than trying to stick to the timetable of my programme, I let go of my expectations and re-jigged the programme with the consensus of the group to ensure they got what they needed.

The experience ended up being much better for all of us, and I must say I haven’t laughed so much in a long long time even with all the laughter yoga I do, nothing beats the real thing. The old me would have wanted to try and have everything just right, as I had planned it, but letting go of the need to control and accept what was before me. Knowing I had all the resources I needed, both within and without, to give the group a great experience, helped me to totally relax and accept what we had.

Of course there are certain things that happen in life, certain situations that we can’t simply accept, particularly things on a political or economic front such as war or poverty, where to just simply accept them would be turning away from what is really needed. However it is those smaller things in life, where we can choose our response, where acceptance brings peace and calm and non-acceptance more tension. The old saying ‘would you rather be right or happy’ comes to mind.

The more we can bring a level of acceptance into our everyday life, particularly around those little things that would normally act as little micro stressors, can make a huge difference to our nervous system and our physiology. I have found with my own life the practice of non-judgment can really help to develop the power of acceptance. In Sophrology ‘Objective Reality’ or ‘Non-judgment’ is one of the 3 key principles that we use. The other two being positive action and body awareness.

Here’s to cultivating more peace and calm within our inner world to create it in the outer world, through the power of acceptance.

Wishing you a wonderful week.


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