The Power of Kindness

The power of kindness can heal many ills and I feel particularly when we turn that kindness inwards, towards ourselves, we can start to experience deep healing. As I know from my own inner talk sometimes, many of us speak to ourselves in hurtful and critical ways, saying things to ourselves we would never say to another friend.

The way we speak to ourselves is a reflection on how we view the world, and I feel, how our reality actually manifests itself. When our inner talk is littered with harsh words, we can often see a harsh world, a world which includes the body, that can have us feeling anxious, fearful and judged.

When we start to pay attention to the language we are using to communicate to ourselves, we can start to identify the root judgments that cause so much negative self-talk. One question I have found useful in catching any negative language I may be using is ‘Is this true?’ ‘Is this really true?’ How do I know this for a fact?’ Or you can start to follow up your thinking with ‘so be it’ which is a reminder that what we think we create, and you start to recognise what you are creating for yourself.

Speaking to ourselves from a place of truth, compassion, with helpful and kind language, can be a real game changer in managing our own mental health. And if the word ‘kind’ feels too far away from where you are at right now, then you can swap it with a word such as ‘gentle,’ which is something that I did for a while.

Here’s to the power of kindness, may it bless us all.

With love



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"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony."

Mahatma Gandhi