The Spirit of September

Updated: Sep 28

I don't know about you but for me September feels a bit like January, the start of something new, like it is humming with possibilities, an empty canvass in which to paint whatever painting wants to unfold. I think it is to do with that 'going back to school' feeling, the start of a new academic year, and that's without me having children, the early memories of school still deeply engrained within my cells.

If we feel that energy I described above, I believe we can harness it to help drive forward whatever project, cause, idea or course we would like to do, and learning all we do along the way. Learning can bring us so much confidence and can give us a sense of purpose, and when we have that energy behind it, it can feel like everything is possible.

Whether you would like to learn something for pleasure, for your health, for your job or to start a whole new career, utilising the power of the collective energy can really help with motivation and mindset. I will certainly be using that energy myself as I embark on a new course starting next week. It isn't something I would have chosen to do for pleasure, and actually if I'm honest, it is something I have avoided somewhat, however it will be incredibly useful for my business but more than that I am looking forward to the process of learning again. To being with a group of people I don't know, all on the same journey, learning together and transforming ourselves and our businesses. I have also started a weekly art class so that will give me the pleasure that I need to balance it all out.

I think for a lot of people, me included, lockdown helped with giving us more time to explore what we might want to do, from re-establishing old hobbies, starting new ones, changing careers, moving home and changing locations, to transforming ourselves and for self-employed people, our businesses. For many of us we collectively moved with that energy, we utilised the giant pause the world had, to check in with ourselves, how we were living and where we were spending our time, money and energy. This is the energy I was speaking about earlier in the blog, the energy of 'The Spirit of September' the collective energy of starting a new school year that we can all utilise to help us achieve what we might like to do.

Whatever you decide to do I wish you the very best for your learning journey for September and beyond.

In the meantime, enjoy the rest of your weekend.

With warm wishes,


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