What’s in your Wellbeing Toolkit?

Our Wellbeing Toolkits can be very different as we are all so unique and I am sure what is in your Wellbeing Toolkit would have changed over these last few months. We are in no doubt now, how health & wellbeing can protect us from disease and the link between stress, gut health and immunity has become more prominent in the news. Up to 85% of our immunity is held in our gut, but it’s not just what we put into our mouths that has an effect on it, although this is also critical to a healthy microbiome (our gut bacteria) but the effects of stress, particularly long term stress. Stress is so damaging to the delicate one cell lining of the digestive tract, our nervous system and therefore our health.

So doing something each day that helps to create a feeling of relaxation and calm can help enormously to keep all our systems healthy. I use many different tools which I have learnt and shared over the last ten years but one I would like to highlight today is Sophrology, a gentle way of relaxing the nervous system and creating a sense of calm in the mind-body. Sophrology incorporates gentle dynamic relaxation exercises, breathing and relaxation techniques, mindfulness and visualisation, done in a systematic way to gently allow stress and anxiety to float away. Having shared Sophrology with hundreds of clients for nearly ten years I am always delighted with the results; reduced anxiety, improved sleep, uplifted mood and a shift in mindset, to a more optimistic and positive state. I think one of Sophrology’s benefits is how little time it requires to start to see benefits and how easy it can be to incorporate into your day to day life.

Although saying all that we don’t always need to learn something new, and I feel we have intrinsically our own way of relaxing, of calming our minds and self-soothing, which I feel is needed so much at this time. As a child I used to hum myself to sleep - humming is a beautiful way to calm the mind and bring our nervous system back into a relaxed state. I would also massage the outside of my ear - the outside of the ear has many meridian points on it which can help to bring back a state of balance in the body, again regulating the nervous system. I think it is amazing how children naturally find ways to self-sooth. And of course we have the breath, simply closing your eyes and allowing your awareness to focus on the rise and fall of your chest or abdomen can help bring calm.

Please share what is in your toolkit? What are the things you do that help you to bring about a sense of peace and calm? Sharing helps to give ideas to others and reinforce what is working for us.

Have a wonderful well weekend.

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