What can a Bonsai Tree teach us?

My Dad recently bought me a Bonsai tree which I was delighted with, and also a little nervous of how to look after it. However, I am pleased to report after 2 months it is still alive and actually thriving! Over the last week or so tiny little white flowers have appeared. They are so beautiful, exquisite even. Yesterday I realised that they are only living for one day which brought up some questions for me. What if I only had one day to live? What if I had just 24 hours in which to experience the thing we call life?

I realised I would want to be absolutely, completely total, to be fully present moment to moment to the joy of life, to be in a state of gratitude, reverence and humility to what was already here, including me. Living from a place of presence, mindfulness, allows us to experience life as it really is, including ourselves, we can let go of judgment, comparisons, and analysis, and simply connect with nature, the world, as it is. The simplicity in doing that, in opening our consciousness to see reality more clearly, comes from that same place that exists within us. It is clear perception, without the obscurations of the mind.

When we live in the head, in the mind, we can live from a place of lack and limitation, it can narrow our perception and therefore our view of world and ourselves. This was the case for me, I felt very trapped in my own little world that I had created, it felt like I was in a cage and for me that cage was the cage of security. Of course this is normal and natural for all of us, as we all have our conditioning, how much conditioning and how much it effects you is very independent. Although I appreciate how challenging living in presence can be when we have ill health, financial issues, we don't feel safe, have enough food or other worries - I know how challenging it was for me living with ill health and financial instability, but I imagine the Buddha saying these are the times we need it more.

So back to the beautiful Bonsai Tree. It lives totally each day, not afraid, not in stress, in full acceptance of itself, of it's beauty, of being enough and I am sure if it could talk, it would be grateful for this place, planet Earth, that we call home.

Here's to being totally here, where ever we are.

With warm wishes,


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