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Sophrology is great for children

Children can also benefit from Sophrology and it can be taught from an early age, from around the age of 6 or 7. Some of the benefits include increased focus at school, more confidence, and happier disposition.


Who can benefit from Sophrology?

Sophrology is for everyone – whether you are old or young, and it can also help those with chronic or terminal health conditions as it is such a simple and easy to learn approach to wellbeing. It is not strenuous and can be tailored to meet the individual’s needs and practiced at a pace that suits them. If you have any questions at all about your suitability to practice Sophrology please do get in touch. 

I have worked with a number of schools in Yorkshire, working with children throughout the age spectrum to help improve focus and attention, feel more relaxed and less stressed, and to help prepare for STATs exams. Also sharing Sophrology to the  teachers as well, helping them to manage their stress levels, improve creativity and focus, and become more relaxed and fulfilled in their working day.

An adult must accompany the child in a one-to-one session in person and must give permission to anyone under the age of 18 to work with the Sophrologist  (I can’t be sure but I think this might be in my terms).

In Harmony have been working with Pudsey Waterloo Primary School in Leeds delivering Sophrology sessions for Staff and Year 6 Pupils.  Here's what the Assistant Headteacher had to say about the sessions:


"The feedback from staff was very positive and there was a lot of talk about how to use some of the Sophrology techniques during the school day.


I thought it was very practical and easy to use with simple memorable techniques. Some of the staff have been using the "pumping" technique with children who have struggled with friendship issues to compose themselves before staff have spoken to them: and it has really helped to calm them down faster. The year 6 pupils also enjoyed their pre SATs sessions."