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Simply Being Retreat

Friday 20the August 2021 at 5pm to Sunday 4th August 2021 at 5pm

Cober Hill Hotel, Cloughten, Near Scarborough, North Yorkshire - £285

Enjoy a weekend at Cober Hill Hotel, in the stunning North Yorkshire Moors countryside and next to the sea. Cober Hill is a really lovely hotel set in beautiful grounds. The focus of the retreat weekend is to relax, have fun and to explore what it means to be ourselves, with this 'Simply Being' retreat focusing specifically on grounding, feeling safe and how we can increase our resilience. 

I will hold the space for you to safely and gently explore what feels true for you, and what may be false. We will be using a number of different techniques to help in our journey, including sophrology, laughter yoga, music, kundalini yoga, meditation, stillness, art and writing. 

We will be having a lot of fun along the way exploring the 11 acres of beautiful grounds which include a secret garden and there may be time to take a stroll down to the sea. There will be plenty of downtime to do your own thing and all activities are optional, you chose what is right for you. 

The price includes full board, with all diets catered for, in an en-suite room and all refreshments. It will be a small group of 12 to 14 people. A non-refundable deposit required on booking. 

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Women, Food & Freedom Retreat

Friday 1st October 2021 at 5pm to Sunday 3rd October 2021 at 5pm

Cober Hill Hotel, Cloughten, Near Scarborough, North Yorkshire - Early Bird Price £350 if booked by 31st December 2020, thereafter £395.

Facilitated by Carla Forth and Satya Kalyan Kaur

What would your life be like without the fear of food, counting calories and feeling like you need to start another diet?

“The way you eat is inseparable from your core beliefs about being alive. Your relationship with food is an exact mirror of your feelings about love, anger, fear, meaning and transformation.” Geneen Roth

If you're fed-up of taking on yet another diet that doesn't seem to work...

If you feel like you're fighting a 'never ending' battle with food...

And if, you have ever felt like there's no end in sight...

You're not alone. We have been there and we are here to show you that there is FREEDOM without the weight of the world resting on your plate. It is sad but true - a lot of us spend most of our life waiting to lose weight... for our body to look a certain way...to fit into a particular outfit... to see the number we want to see on the scale - before we allow our life to begin and we often say to ourselves "Once I've lost weight, I'll feel happier and more confident to do all the things I've been planning to do." Meanwhile life is put on hold!

During this retreat, you will be in the company of other women just like you facing similar challenges, who are ready to find another way to freedom that doesn't involve being weighed down with thoughts about food. You'll open the doorway to freedom, be equipped with tools to support you, and taste what it feels like to begin the process of putting an end to your suffering.  

Having gone through this journey and found freedom with food, it is our desire to pass on what we have learned to help others free themselves from long standing negative habits and self-imposed restrictions, such as dieting, to find the natural bliss and joy that comes from having a healthy relationship with food.

During these 2 days together you will:

  • Learn how to tune in to your relationship with food

  • Begin to come home to the body so you can listen to what it truly wants

  • Discover the difference between physical and emotional hunger

  • Identify the reasons why you turned to food in the first place (you'll realise that it's actually a very intelligent reaction)

  • Acknowledge food patterns and how to make changes

  • Explore beliefs around food and how they may have shaped your experience

  • Learn techniques and tools to help you break habits that no longer serve and re-direct your energy

  • Begin to treat yourself with kindness and re-shape the inner critic 

  • And, most importantly, begin the journey of releasing the inner turmoil the battle with food brings, so you can reclaim your POWER and no longer rely on food as a way to cope

Inside every one of us exists the power to be FREE. Here's to taking the leap, and giving yourself permission to break free.

We hope you can come and join us for this transformational weekend at Cober Hill which is a special place in the heart of the stunning North Yorkshire National Park. With eleven acres of beautiful grounds to explore, enjoy, relax and recharge in. Carla and Satya Kalyan.

The retreat includes full board, with all diets catered for, in an en-suite room and all refreshments. A non-refundable deposit required on booking. 


Phone: 07884 101164

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