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Sophrology - the simple and easy way to relax, be empowered and be you!

Helping you to live a calmer, happier and more empowered life

Variety is the spice of life as they say and I do like to share practices other than Sophrology. So you will find below some Kundalini Yoga and Laughter Yoga classes to experience, along with Sophrology. 

For information about Kundalini Yoga please click here and for Laughter Yoga please click here, especially if you are thinking of attending a class and are new. 

All online classes are held on zoom. 

Online Classes

Last Wednesday of every month, 6.30pm to 7.00pm 

Free Laughter Yoga 

Come along to this free Laughter Yoga class to find out for yourself the wellbeing benefits of laughing unconditionally, that is without the need for something to laugh at. This session will connect you with your natural playfulness, deep belly laughter and the feel good factor from breathwork. It is suitable for most people, however like any physical exercise there are some contraindications so please let me know of any health conditions when you book. 

"The Laughter Yoga class was fantastic. I left feeling I had just realised months of stress that had built up. Looking forward to more. Thank you Carla!" Helen


First Wednesday of the month, 7.00pm to 8.00pm 

Free Sophrology Taster

Come along and find out more about this amazing wellbeing method. Cited as the 'new mindfulness' Sophrology uses a unique mixture of breathing techniques, relaxation exercises, body awareness, visualisation, sound, gentle movements, mindfulness and meditation. We can be left with a wonderfully relaxed body and a calm, but alert mind. Come along and try it for yourself and it's free! 

"The taster session yesterday has really sparked my interest in Sophrology, it was great. I know I have only taken part in a couple of your sessions but I have found them very beneficial." Ingrid

Saturday, 10am to 11.30am, 

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is a great way to release what is not you, to move closer to your most authentic self and awaken your highest potential. Using dynamic postures, breath, mudra and mantras, it brings about transformation quickly.


To book please get in touch by phoning Carla on 07884 101164 or email info@beinharmony.co.uk. £10 per class. 

"I awoke really refreshed after the Kundalini Yoga class yesterday, the infection I had cleared significantly. I felt lighter and brighter. Such a shift. Thank you!" Shree.

In Person Classes at Centre Yoga & Wellbeing, Hartlepool Starting w/c 20th September

Kundalini Pranayama & Meditation - Monday 7pm to 8pm - £6 per class

with Carla Forth, as taught by Yogi Bhajan

Kundalini Yoga Breathing

This class is gentle and focused on getting into a deeply relaxed and expansive space. It will introduce you to several different Kundalini Yoga meditations and the various pranayama or breathwork practices we do. We will finish with a long and deep relaxation, perhaps with the beautiful sound of the hang pan drum to allow you to fully surrender and drift deeply into Shavasana, corpse pose at the end. 

The idea is for you to leave the class feeling very relaxed and rejuvenated. Of course the meditations and pranayama we do in class you can take home and practice. Find out more about Kundalini Yoga here.

Kundalini Yoga - Thursday 10am to 11.30am - £9 per class

with Carla Forth, as taught by Yogi Bhajan

Kundalini Yoga Class

A typical Kundalini Yoga class is very active, as we move the body through the asanas in the kriyas we do, using breathwork, mudra, eye focus and sometimes mantra, to create deep change at all levels of our being, transforming the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  We will finish with a deep relaxation and if we have time some meditation. 

A typical response to a Kundalini Yoga class is that we can leave feeling like we have let go of lots of tension and come home to ourselves, feeling our vitality and connecting to our inner potential.

I still remember my first class, nearly 20 years ago, it was incredible, I sat outside the room after the class had finished and cried, releasing so much repressed emotion, the peace and joy that came afterwards was bliss and so began my journey with Kundalini Yoga. Most of us don't have such a dramatic response to our first class but expect to feel very different, more awake, aware and vibrant, with a sense of deep relaxation that you might not have experienced before. Find out more about Kundalini Yoga here.


Food & Freedom Workshop - Sunday 14th November 2021 - 10am to 4.00pm at Centre Yoga & Wellbeing, Hartlepool - £65

What would life be like if you ate only when you were truly hungry, you no longer had to go on diets to feel good. In this one day workshop you will receive an introduction to the Food & Freedom Pathway where you will begin to explore your relationship with food using Sophrology (Dynamic Mindfulness).  


You will begin to understand that there is usually something beneath the surface of our relationship with food, and our behaviours, keeping us going back for more and overeating when we have had enough, eating when we are not hungry and yo-yo dieting.

Woman in a Field

“The Food & Freedom journey gave me all the insight, tools and confidence I needed to face into my own  relationship with food. I feel so much happier, calmer and more confident in myself and my life. Thank you so much Carla!” Kate


The Food & Freedom Pathway helps us to free ourselves from long standing negative beliefs, habits and self-imposed restrictions, such as dieting, to find a natural bliss and joy that comes from having a healthy relationship with food. The Food & Freedom Journey offers a pathway to not only have a better relationship with food, but also with yourself, it is a return to love. Through developing awareness and understanding more deeply our relationship with food, and therefore ourselves and our environment, we gently and powerfully come home to ourselves,

Although the Food & Freedom Pathway is not about weight loss as such, it is something that can, and typically does occur naturally when we improve our relationship with food, and with ourselves. When we begin to eat only when we are hungry and we can tune into what our body needs, then it is quite natural we find the right weight for us, it has been there all along.


In this one day workshop you will be joined by other like-minded people who wish to invest in themselves and explore their relationship with food to find freedom with food and the self-love that comes with it. 

During this one day workshop you will:

  • Learn how to tune in to your relationship with food

  • Begin to come home to the body so you can listen to what it truly wants

  • Discover the difference between physical and emotional hunger

  • Identify the reasons why you turned to food in the first place (you’ll realise that it’s actually a very intelligent reaction)

  • Acknowledge food patterns, triggers, and begin to explore how you can make changes

  • Receive lots of ‘aha’ moments, realisations into your own behaviour with food, including self-sabotaging behaviours, self-harm and control.

  • Learn techniques and tools to help you break habits that no longer serve and re-direct your energy


You will leave the workshop with a new awareness about your relationship with food, how you can change what is not working for you, and, most importantly, begin the journey of releasing the inner turmoil the battle with food brings, so you can reclaim your power and no longer rely on food as a way to cope.


For those women who would like to take this journey on a more personal level please get in touch with Carla on 07884 101164 or email info@beinharmony.co.uk for further information about the coaching available.

Improve Your Sleep, Have a Better Day Workshop - Date to be confirmed

Fall Beauty

"Sleep is the Golden chain that binds health and our bodies together" - Thomas Dekker

In this full day workshop we will be exploring the fundamentals of sleep to help empower you to take the steps you need to get a good night's sleep:


  • Understand the sleep cycle (the different stages of sleep) and your circadian rhythm (your sleep/wake cycle), and how establishing your circadian rhythm is critical to your wellbeing. 

  • Learn how your sleep environment impacts your ability to sleep deeply and leave with ways to improve it.

  • Explore and understand your own sleep patterns and the reasons you may not be sleeping as well as you would like.  

  • Create your action plan and own ideal bedtime routine.

  • Understand the importance of the concept of 'preparing for a good night's sleep during the day'

  • Develop a good understanding of the fundamentals of Sophrology, the wellbeing framework and practice that will be shared during the workshop as a way to help prepare the mind and body for a good night's sleep without needing too much time. 

  • Take away new insights, knowledge, and motivation, in which to make the changes you need to start sleeping well every night.  

To book this workshop please go to the booking page. 


Cober hill hotel side view front.jpg

in Harmony retreats at Cober Hill Hotel North Yorkshire 

Cober Hill Hotel set in 11 acres of stunning grounds, nestled in the North Yorkshire Moors National Park and Heritage Coast ensures breath taking views, both of the sea and the beautiful grounds.

To find out more about Cober Hill Hotel please visit their website www.coberhotel.co.uk.

 Friday 11th to Sunday 13th February 2022 - 'Being Me' Retreat - £285 includes full board and all activities over the weekend.
(A non refundable deposit of £90 at the time of booking but can be exchanged for another weekend. Deposit refundable if the retreat can not go ahead due to Government legislation.) 

Enjoy a weekend at Cober Hill Hotel, in the stunning North Yorkshire Moors countryside and next to the sea. Cober Hill is a really lovely hotel set in beautiful grounds. The focus of the retreat weekend is to relax, have fun and to explore what it means to be ourselves, with this 'Being Me' retreat specifically on grounding, feeling safe and how we can increase our resilience. 

To find out more please see the retreats page and to book please visit the booking page.

Be in harmony, be you!

Be in harmony, be you!